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Burgieman 03-28-2014 04:34 PM

Re-Plumbing a small 3/2 Mountain Home
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Hi all,
Thanks in advance for any advice.

So I've been remodeling our mountain home and after a wonderful time running beautiful (dare I say that about waste lines) Waste lines I'm about to plumb the service lines but wanted any second opinions on the plan. First of all the main to the meter is 1" and from the meter is 3/4" Galvanized (soon to be replaced with Copper) I have attached a plan of the new layout (previously it was a 2 bed one bath. I've upgraded to a 3 bed 2 full bath. (one shower one clawfoot tub/shower) The meter lies 30 feet from the property line (marked at the top left of the image) the meter is about 15 feet below our foundation and the first floor begins 8 feet above grade. The water tank is below the kitchen (marked in lower left of kitchen) and will be at grade level... I'd appreciate any advice about my usage of pipe size and or the run I have planned . Solid blue is 3/4" cold starting at top left, enters house under kitchen (lower left) branches to heater and 1/2 T to kitchen sink. 1/2 hot T to kitchen sink. From there the 3/4 runs under the house to the bathroom on the right and separate Ts for shower, toilet and sink. From there the 3/4" run heads north to a Washer/Dryer in a closet, 1/2" branches for each hot and coldDashed lines are 1/2" red obviously, is hot. Then it continues north to the second Bathroom, separate branches of 1/2" to toilet, sink and claw foot tub/shower. Finally it ends under the covered porch feeding a spigot. Is there any reduction of pipe I could get away with. And how do the spigots look?

Also its hard to tell by the size of this image but the distance that my 3/4" runs in this plan is about 30 feet x 30 feet. To give you an idea that kitchen is 10 x 18 ft.


Ghostmaker 03-28-2014 05:40 PM

Your UPC Eplumber can hopefully help out.

TheEplumber 03-28-2014 09:10 PM

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Without knowing your pressure at the meter it's hard to give firm pipe sizing.

Most new homes in my area have 1" feeding them from the meter even though the meter is 3/4. since you're running copper you might find this cost prohibitive.

As a rule of thumb 2 fixtures can be fed on 1/2" branch- again- that is only a rule of thumb.

You didn't mention any 3/4" hw piping either- you'll need it until the laundry or lav-depending on your service pressure

Burgieman 03-29-2014 10:09 AM

Thanks. The water pressure was 80-90 psi at the meter according to the tech.

JustinK 03-29-2014 10:27 AM

I would centerlly locate the hot water heater. Looks like you have around 40' of piping going to last bathroom. It could take a min to get hot water.

Burgieman 03-29-2014 11:27 AM

Thanks JustinK,

The options for relocation are a little limited since this house is on a sloping lot. The kitchen and deck on the left side are on the downward slope and therefore we're able to get about 7' of standing headroom under the house. Its a Propane/gas heater so venting will need to run on one of the two outer walls of the kitchen. It could fit under the deck but that would require a visible vent running up in front of the mountain views of the porch. Other option would be inside a closet but closet space in this house is so limited already...

I've re-plumbed showers, baths kitchens etc from branches on my other homes with no issues but this is my first re-plumb from the meter.

After buying all the copper yesterday I think I may just go with PEX instead. Its a California home no real frost concerns, coastal Redwoods.

My new questions thoughts are:
1) If I run 3/4" copper from main into heater and T off for cold can I continue that 3/4" up to the branches or should I use a compression fitting to 1/2".
2) should the hot out of the heater also be 3/4" as suggested above? From what others have told me 3/4" into a boiler, 1/2" out...
3) I don't plan to do a mainfold for the PEX but I could run a more direct HW line to the furthest bathroom to reduce that run...
4) using PEX would allow me to affordably run 3/4" lines for H and C.
5) Finally, I would run copper for the C to the kitchen sink only since its so close for those who are concerned about drinking from PEX.

Thanks guys

Bondo 03-29-2014 12:43 PM

Ayuh,.... I'd do the whole thing in 1" pex, with 3/4" or 1/2" pex branches off that,...

JustinK 03-29-2014 12:49 PM

A 3/4 hot water line would make the wait for hot water worse. A separate 1/2 line for the bathrooms would be better.

TheEplumber 03-29-2014 02:22 PM

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I haven't seen your revised drawing but you need 3/4 hot leaving the heater to feed the house.
Loss of volume trumps waiting time for hot water.
If that is truly a concern- add a recirc line and pump.

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