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handy man88 10-17-2007 12:27 AM

Radon Test!
I have a radon test coming up for a house I'm interested in. When I visited the house, I saw that the sump pit cover does have an outlet for the usual large pvc pipe that extends to allow radon gas to escape through the pvc pipe.

But, the problem is that this opening on the radon outlet was capped off, and looking at the ceiling of this unfinished area, I see the exposed pvc pipe on the ceiling. There is no direct connection to the sump cover. Don't know what happened. Ideas?

I just hope the radon test passes (2 day test: continuous monitoring and eperm), but I think even if it does, I think I need to add a section of pipe to connect the cover to the pipe on the ceiling anyway. Thoughts?

Mike Swearingen 10-18-2007 12:11 PM

I hope that you're having a complete professional licensed General Home Inspection performed prior to closing.
Your GHI can report this, and the sellers should then repair it to code at their expense. Everything is negotiable until it is closed, and all real estate "defects" such as this should be disclosed by the sellers and their agent in most states, but even if they're not in your state, you can still insist that the sellers correct this.
Good Luck!
(20+year NC real estate broker)

Marlin 10-18-2007 07:38 PM

They only have to disclose it if they know about it.

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