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Koellert 04-11-2013 08:48 AM

R.O. System Recommendations Anyone?
Six years ago, we had an Ecowater reverse osmosis system put in for our home's drinking water. We live in a high-nitrate area and were concerned about our soon-to-be-born children. We have had a lot of trouble with this system giving us a flashing red light (bad water indicator), yet testing fine for the past couple of years. The technician essentially told us that the manifold had a problem, but everything is fine, so just deal with the warning light flashing periodically. Lately, the water has taken on a dramatic metallic taste and I am thinking about putting in a whole new system myself. Any recommendations?

Our system is mounted in the laundry room under the kitchen sink, so it is fairly easy to access and work on.

Perhaps you would want to know that our well pumps up a lot of sediment and we have a whole-house filter to take care of that before the water goes to the softener, heater, or R.O. system.

Thanks for any advice you guys can throw my way!

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