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stupiddogg 05-23-2010 03:23 PM

Question regarding Eljer toilet repair
Hello all,
Having lurked allot around here since closing escrow 3 weeks ago, I need your input and decided to become a member and get involved officially.

Yesterday after a trip to the local True Value I picked up some tank rebuild kits for both of our bathrooms due to both of them leaking and as old as dirt.

I went with these having had good results in the past

The main bathroom was done with no problems in about 10 minutes and now it is saving us $$ and saving water.

The master bathroom caught me off guard when I opened the tank....
If someone could explain what I am seeing that would be great.
My problems are below.

1. The left side arrow is where it is leaking when we flush, it squirts straight up and ultimately sprays the porcelain top and leaks to the floor (yeah, a Tupperware bowl over the top is containing the spray for now but as a home owner I figure I should fix that ;) )

2. The asterisks are on some kind of attached clear ring at the bottom of the tank surrounding the flapper.......What is that for?

3. The right side arrow is pointing at "I have no idea".......My first thought was why does my toilet need a water filter?" lol, WTF is that thing.

I guess my question after all this is can I use the above new fill valve kit and just bypass/get rid of the "water filter" (hope the new flapper will fit and replace the one in the clear plastic ring , or do I need to find a special "Eljer" kit?

I look forward to asking lots of question in our new home and hope to have some comments and advise where I have it.

stupiddogg 05-23-2010 05:24 PM

Well I figured it out!

1. Yes I can use the new style valve assembly

2. The "unknown" thing on the right side is some " Never clean" toilet add on....( Im ok with cleaning my toilet, thank you)

3. The clear ring in the center is for using less water. ( after flushing, that area drains and refills vs the whole upper tank) And the new flapper fit just fine!


I should have just looked deeper, time to grab the paper and break it in


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