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nag 06-07-2010 03:20 PM

Question about venting
Questions about venting for my drains. I preface this by saying I'm not planning on doing this myself. Just trying to estimate cost and diffculty here.

I'm finishing a room in my basement. I want to hook up a sink in the room for my wife to do hair (well, have a plumber do it). Water lines are close, so no issue. As far as drains though, I have a couple questions to figure out how difficult (or possible) it would be to have this sink installed.

Basic info: Right now, the only thing in the basement are two floor drains. The washer and dryer used to be hooked up down there too, but they were moved to the main level a few years back (before I bought it). I can see the stack that I assume they lead to. There are two stacks coming out of my roof.

Is it safe to assume one stack is for the main level (ranch house) and the other stack is for the basement drains. Because I can't imagine they would run the floor drains to the same stack as the upstairs plumbing.

Obviously a plumber would verify this, but if I installed a sink in this basement room, I could tap the drain into the floor drain stack, which is close to where the sink is going, and then vent the sink to that same stack within the basement as long as I'm 40+" above the drain level? I'm trying to avoid having to break up concrete, and/or run a new vent to the roof or have to be breaking apart drywall on the main level, etc. etc. etc.


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