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Question About Basement Floor Drains

Hello people,

I posted before about a clean out cap & got some good suggestions from some of you. Well, I have another problem on the same job

Without getting into the filthy condition of a house I'm cleaning up, hanging new drywall, painting, etc., in order to get it into sale shape, suffice to say the grease /sludge in the basement utility sink is a thing out of a horror movie

This stuff is thick, I mean ice cream thick. A disgusting, smelly, thick, grease / sludge / God knows what mixture, about 4 inches deep in the sink. Obviously, I have a back up problem after cleaning this crap out of the sink. I opened all the lines leading to the stack that goes into the floor & cleaned them out. But the back up problem is still there

The water in the sink will eventually drain, but it takes forever. So, I'm assuming the clog is in the pipe directly under the sink under the floor. It's really hard to snake that out, so I wanted to go in from the floor drain

Here's the problem...

I see 2 floor drains on the basement floor. The ones I'm used to that are directly in front of the utility sink, about 3 feet away, usually go out to the catch basin have a pipe coming in above it that feeds from the sink. This particular drain doesn't have that upper pipe. It's just one pipe that leads horizontally to the right of the sink, & away from the outside catch basin

The other drain is a little to the right of the first drain & about 5 feet ahead. This drain slants to the right too, on an angle

I asked the homeowner if she knew of any more drains & she told me no. Her ex put down tile & I'm thinking he had to have covered up the main drain that leads to the catch basin

I know I'm not explaining this well, but my two questions are...

#1: Isn't there always a main floor drain that leads out to the catch basin? There must be another floor drain, correct?

#2: Since no water is coming up from any floor drains that I can see, shouldn't I assume that the clog must be between where the stack enters the floor & before that pipe enters the main pipe leading out to the catch basin?

If anyone can understand my ramblings...... HELP!

Thanks in advance


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2 things... first, in my experience with older houses, there is never an "always". assuming anything about a plumbing system is gonna be a mistake. Second, if the floor drain isn't backing up, cleaning the drain thru it won't do any good. pipes should sweep downstream, so if it's connected to the same pipe and isn't affected then you won't have a bit of luck. if you can't figure out how to get the sink cleared, take a pic and post it here, we'll give you a hand


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Try a shop vac to suck the drain open, if it is a double sink plug one side
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Hey guys, thanks for replying

The drain from the sink & the pipes leading to the stack is now clear. I took them all off & cleaned them out. I also opened the clean out in the stack & cleaned it out as far as I could. Something is not allowing me to go any further through the clean out down below. Not sure if it's an obstruction or simply a weird angle on the pipe. That's why I wanted to go in from the floor drain

I'm thinking it's clogged somewhere directly below the sink under the floor. When I take off the clean out cap the water rushes out from the opening.

Again, the owner says there's no other floor drain & I'm thinking there has to be
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