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rodsteryz 05-14-2008 05:16 AM

PVC, copper, tubing?
Roughing in a bathroom in the basement. What do you guys recomend for the plumbing. I see alot of new products out there. I have copper now but was thinking of replaceing it and as I said need to run new for the bathroom. Guess I was just wondering on ease of installation, price, durability, ect.

Termite 05-14-2008 08:16 AM

For ease of installation, CPVC is hard to beat. Flowguard Gold is a common brand that a lot of people around here use. Cut to length, clean, and glue.

PEX, which is flexible polyethylene tubing is an excellent product. It can be a DIY product, but you'll need to spend $100-150 on basic tools to do it. The pipe is cheap and you can bend it so you don't have to use nearly as many fittings. I'm a big fan of PEX systems, but don't like the basic crimp fittings that fit into a 1/2" PEX line and therefore neck it down to 3/8" due to the inner diameter of the fittings. I prefer the system with the expensive tool that expands the ends of the pipe for a larger fitting to avoid necking down at the fitting. PEX is also a great product in the event that your pipes freeze, because it will expand without bursting.

Copper is the old standby. I do most of my work in copper. But, it is crazy expensive these days. I spent over $14 each for 10' sticks of 1/2" last night, and most fittings are at least $1. It is definately a project for a competent DIY-er with a minimal investment in tools (torch, solder, flux, cutter, pipe cleaner). Copper will eventually corrode, but typically it will take a very long time for that to happen.

If I were re-plumbing my own house, I'd do everything concealed in PEX, probably with some copper mixed in at the plumbing stubs.

rodsteryz 05-14-2008 02:46 PM

Thank you for the response. I have seen these products. Thank you for the suggestion on going to copper at the stubs. The reason I was thinking of replacing some off the old copper is because I already have had a pin hole leak that I had to patch so I would imagine other places are soon to follow. Copper tubing is from 1967. I was also told that "shark bite" (I think that is the brand name) Was excellent for going from copper what ever else you wanted to use. As you said however looks like each union was about $20.
Thanx for the help

Termite 05-14-2008 04:22 PM

Shark Bite is a nifty system but is cost-prohibitive if you ask me, especially when compared to common PEX fittings ($2-4 each). You can easily transition from PEX to copper without spending crazy money. That is a common fitting.

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