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lleveen 08-26-2011 08:42 PM

Pump house location
Our cabin, only used during summer, uses water from the lake it is on. There is an external pump house near the lake. The pump has a shortish run from the lake and then pushes water uphill in a longer run to the cabin. The pump house is failing due to a combination of reasons -- neglect, poor location (against a slipping hillside that is now making contact and pushing it), and a poor foundation (blocks on a super-rocky soil). I could put a lot of time and energy into maintaining that, but I'm questioning the basic premise of location here.

Honestly, I do not see why the pump should be external to the cabin at all! Can the pump be in or under the cabin and sip from the lake in a long run, and then push into the cabin plumbing in a short run?

Making this change would eliminate the need for a pump house, allow for stabilizing the slope once the pump house was gone. During this change, we would likely add a filtration system for drinking water. Currently, we hand filter drinking water (I'd use a gravity filter bag system, but I haven't found one that deals with chemicals, and power boats do use the lake).

Obviously there are tradeoffs -- the pump would be louder if it were closer. Also, it would need to be installed in a way that allowed for servicing, which might have space impacts in the cabin, or increase costs to make a human-sized service space under the cabin.

Any constructive thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

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