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Young Homeowner 07-10-2012 07:20 PM

Proper P-Trap installation
So I have owned our home now for just under a year, got most of the upstairs done. This is the first project in the basement to fix.

Plumbing is the thing I do the least as I never seem to feel comfortable doing it myself. Screwing up normally means several trips to a hardware store and a lot of time with the water shut off, if you can in fact continue and fix it yourself of course.

The basement seems like it was done by a diy'er who has no knowledge about anything and does a handy job of not doing anything well. I have a picture below of his basement kitchen sink assembly.

I know I need to put in a p-trap. My question is do I need to take out the wall and move the back pipe to line up with the sink pipe and than add a p-trap? Or is there an easy way to have it connect in the odd form it takes right now?

Also what steps should be taken to fix this problem. What do I need to buy as far as tools and supplies and what steps need to be taken?

Thanks for taking the time to do what you can to help me out.


biggles 07-10-2012 08:01 PM

if you could turn that elbow that is horizontal 90 degrees down to the 6 oclock position then swing the vertical trap 180 degrees left to right. that is your trap then make up the sink drop into it PVC coupling,elbow and glue you done.hoping you can use the exsiting straight pieces when you cut it back to the sink

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