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Spastic 07-17-2010 11:27 AM

Problems removing hot water tank fitting
Tank is 10 years old. I'm replacing the 1/2" line into the tank with 3/4". I don't want to bust the tank fitting when removing the pipe fitting. The pipe goof is holding real good! Any recommendations? Any plumber tricks?

Daniel Holzman 07-17-2010 12:40 PM

Personally I wouldn't touch the fittings on a ten year old tank, they would have a high probability of breaking off inside the tank. Simply cut the pipe about 6 inches from the tank, and install a 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch adapter. No need to mess with the tank. When the tank fails, which it likely will very soon, extend the 3/4 inch line all the way to the new tank.

Spastic 07-17-2010 04:56 PM


I want to get rid of the 1/2" bottleneck through the water heater. I have a new spa shower connected with 3/4" and would like to crank on those jets.

I took out a dremel tool and made several cuts most of the way through the nut without hitting the connector thread. Then I pried the copper nut apart with a screwdriver. I couldn't locate my nut splitter (which probably wasn't big enough anyway).


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