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stid49 01-17-2009 08:57 PM

Problems with my toilet flushing
I have a problem with my toilet flushing. Sometimes it works just fine but 90% it doesn't. When I flush it I always have to plunge it for it to go down or if you let it sit it will drain really slow. I have replaced it with a top of the line toilet at Home Depot and I still have the same results. The pros have been out twice and they get it to flush but after they leave its back to its old habits. They blamed it on my septic needing I had it pumped even though it was not full and it flushed fine for 3 days off and on then it quit again. The times I seem not have a problem is when it has not rained for a week or so. Any suggestion would be appreciated

biggles 01-18-2009 05:20 AM

how the rest of the house...tubs...sink drin outs.thats a long way for 5 gallons of water to show back in the toilet as being the problem,and this just started before the change out?sounds like a venting problem might try running a hose down the vent and give it a good flush.try a 5 gallon bucket of water directly into the toilet should rise a bit but drain out with the force of the water going in like that.

DUDE! 01-18-2009 07:47 AM

I'd put more thought into what the people you paid said. They came out, got the toilet running and told you its your septic. Part of your septic is your leach field. If the field is bad, when your emptied septic tank is filled again with liquid, you are back to square one, as in your toilet is clogged, again.

Nestor_Kelebay 01-18-2009 01:39 PM

I'm wondering if the line between your house and the septic tank is partially clogged. When was the last time you had it cleared?

Maybe the toilet isn't flushing properly because the water is backing up in that line.

Try this:
Fill up two or three 5 gallon pails with water.
First thing in the morning, after that main line has had all night to drain, pour the first of the two pails into the toilet bowl as fast as it will take the water without spilling water all over the floor.
If the toilet flushes fine, then immediately start pouring the second 5 gallon pail into the bowl. If the toilet bowl starts filling up with water and the flushing stops, then you know the problem is that the drain piping is full of water. It may take a third pail to fill up your house's drain piping up to the toilet. Stop pouring water into the bowl immediately when you see that the water isn't going down because a high water level in the toilet bowl can cause the water to puncture a hole through the wax seal under your toilet.

Alternately, try flushing the toilet before and after your washing machine pumps 25 gallons of water into your drain piping. If the main drain line to your septic tank is clear, the water should be able to drain away as fast as it's pumped in.

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