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dotwell 10-15-2007 10:27 AM

Problem with tub drain lineup

My name is Darrell and I have what I hope will be a quick question regarding the installation of a whirlpool tub, specifically the drain/overflow connections.
I leveled and checked the connections only to find that the drain on the tub was about 2 inches too short. A simple extension fixed that but now I have an additional problem with the overflow connection. This tub is an American Standard Whirlpool 2526 and the overflow pipe comes straight down from the rim of the tub. It is about 2 inches out of vertical. The only thing that I could find was a 'accordion' type connector that is typically used under sinks. Will this pass code? It certainly will work but looks pretty silly. The only other thing that I can think of is a couple of 22 1/2 degree ABS connections but I am not sure they will line up. Suggestions?

Alan 10-20-2007 04:23 PM

Is this a new tub? I think we installed one just like it recently, but I didn't hook up the waste and overflow on it. I remember there was something odd about it, but doesn't the overflow connect to the drain anyway?

Accordian connectors will not pass an inspection. :no:

normally from your tub drain, the overflow should be straight on, and then when you hook up the trap underneath, you can angle it to whatever direction the trap arm is coming from.

DeeTee 10-21-2007 08:58 AM

Specialty Trim Kit?
The other thing is that sometimes these specialty tubs require a special trim kit (drain and overflow). Usually when they sell them to you they offer the kit. Sometimes they're no more than a high priced version of rigging something up yourself, but other times I think they can make the job better and easier.

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