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tooshort79 12-12-2011 04:45 PM

Priming Deep Well Jet Pump
We are trying to prime the deep well jet pump (it's a Gould's J05N) and it's not working - everywhere on the internet it talks about opening the Priming Plug - this Pump does not have one?? We've gone through gallons and gallons of water and it's not catching......should there be a priming plug on this pump for it to work?

Javiles 12-12-2011 07:16 PM

These things are a pain I stopped running service calls on domestic water systems a long time ago. Lots of little things that can keep it from pulling, first you need to make sure that the well has on problems; you also need to make sure that the low side of the pipe has no leaks, the smallest air leak will cause you to lose vacuum pull, youíll sit there all day and it will never pull.( itís like drinking a soda with a straw with a tiny pin hole above the water line you get air with your soda but you have to suck harder to get your drink ) Also I always installed a primer port on the suction side of the pump and run water with a hose from another source, you may not have this option, while the pump is running also run your water this creates a stronger vacuum and helps the pump pull from the deeper wells, Good Luck hope this helps,

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