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scottishladdie 10-18-2007 01:11 PM

Pressure Boiler help!!!! (ideal elan 2)

So I've got an Ideal Elan 2 boiler (ancient) and apparently it's a pressure boiler.

Every now and again the hot water and central heating stop working, had heating engineers out via the landlord and apparently it's the pressure. I've got instructions but they don't really help!!!

"When the pressure drops below 0 turn the tap on the pipe and the knob under the gauge (done) and the pressure should move up. Once it's between 1.5 and 2 then turn the tap back and twist back the knob"

When I do the second bit it doesn't turn anything on, and sometimes even the pressure drops again. There's a knob ABOVE the gauge that changes the pressure too, does that change much???

Nothing seems to be working, no matter how much I fidddle with it! Any ideas? :confused:

imported_MikeF 11-06-2007 12:01 PM

Know your rights
You mention "landlord". If the property is not owned by you then the "owner" is legally" responsible to ensure that ANY gas appliance is tested each year & certified. If the boiler is losing pressure in the heating circuit (i.e. radiators) then there is either a leak somewhere or the automatic air bleed valve is corroded & or blocked open. Check that each raditor bleed valve is compelete;y shut tight. The boiler air bleed valve will be found in the boiler & it will be necessary to take off the cowelling to get at it.
However, if you are not the property owner & are not CORGI qualified you are not allowed to "fiddle" about under any circumstances.

The person who came out via the landlord should have looked for the problem & rectified the problem rather than just refilling the system, taking the money then disappearing

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