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kpstanton 02-23-2007 11:17 PM

Pressure Balancing Valve Installation
I have installed a Grohe 35.253.000 Pressure Balancing Valve for the shower with a tub spigot. The tub spigot has a pull-up shower diverter valve.

Two problems: 1. When I turn on the PB valve with water flowing to tub at various points from cold to hot some water is diverted to the shower head to varying degrees? There is nothing restricting the flow of water to the tub spigot. I even took of the tub spigot off and this continues to occur. Anybody have any experience with this?

2. When I pull up the diverter on the tub spigot the water is diverted to the shower but a small stream of water leaks out of the tub spigot. The seal is far from perfect, is this normal?

majakdragon 02-24-2007 07:46 AM

I can't understand how the water would be diverted to the shower head with the tub spout off. The spout diverter is usually just a piece of metal or plastic that acts like a valve wedge that blocks the flow of water from the spout. When the diverter is pulled up, the water is prevented from exiting the spout and goes to the shower head. A small amount of water coming out the spout when the shower is in use, is not uncommon.

kpstanton 03-01-2007 10:30 AM

Problem resolved, related to 1/2" PEX
I solved my problem after a contacting Grohe technical support.

Initially they told me there was either sentiment in the PBV or I had high water pressure. I took apart PBV, no sentiment and also checked pressure to find 60psi, normal.

After a second discussion I told them I used 1/2" PEX, including rough-in connections. The PBV had 1/2" brass FIP connectors so I used 1/2" threaded brass to 1/2" PEX connectors. The inner diameter of the connector on the PEX side is only 1/4". For water intake into the valve this was ok but between PBV and tub connection this was restricting flow. I changed to 1/2" galvanized pipe between PBV and tub and problem resolved.

Another solution would have been to use 3/4" PEX between tub and PBV. The inner diameter of the 3/4" PEX connector is 1/2" or the same as 1/2" pipe so no restriction in water. I couldn't find a 3/4" brass elbow that connects to PEX and would support a tub spout though.

This is the only restriction I have found with 1/2" PEX so far.

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