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Pool timer on an electric water heater...Yes or no?

I have been debating the efficiency of installing a swimming pool type of timer on an electric water heater to save $$ and life on the heater. The idea is to shut the heater off at 10 or 11pm and turn it back on around 5 or 6 am.

Does it cost more to maintain the water temp throughout the night or to let the water cool off and take the big hit in the morning to bring it back up to temp...?

Other things to that may play a factor:
-Turning off the heater for part of the day may increase the overal;l life of the heater.
-The water temp may really not drop that much during the night while the heater is off, making the big hit in the morning really not that big.


Any opinions? My brother and I are in disagreement on this one. I say no, he says it works.


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i was wanting to do the same type thing when i noticed i'd shut my breaker off and forgot to turn it on and 14 hours later, the water was still plenty hot! and this thing heats the whole tank in about a half an hour, why have it 'top off' all day and night when maybe once or twice a day is all it needs? i'll certainly follow this thread. guys?



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Water heaters are so well insulated that you loose very little heat through the tank itself. Like someone said if you shut it off an turn it back on twelve hours later it's still going to be hot. Also as soon as you turn it back on it's going to run for an extended amount of time to play catchup for the time it was off. In the long run you will probably never even recover the cost of the timer and installation. I wouldn't turn it off unless I was going to be away 48 hours or more, anything less and you're not saving much if anything. A better investment would be having a heat trap installed, though that will take a while to pay for itself as well.
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