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dudley123 03-16-2008 02:10 PM

pluming with PEX
:help: I have a converted garage 16 X 30 that i put in raident floor heating and did not put in enough tubing ( it never get above 53 in the winter ) so now i want to put in flat panal raidiator with thermostats in each one . So now i want to tap in to the line and run PEX tubing around with flat panal basebord . Are flat panal raidiators better than other raidiators and do you think will be good and what do you think of useing both

janethare 03-16-2008 05:42 PM

depending on what heating source you use, radiant heating requires you to accually lower the water temp down to work correctly... At that lower temp hydronic radiators wont function.
there are other components you can use to seperate the lines and run them at different temps ,but you realy need a pro,or at least contact the tubing manufacturer for better info. they will help. they helped me. sorry

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