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Plumbing type and size
Can anyone tell me what kind of pipe is best for residential plumbing- my plumber is using plastic not copper and the pipes to the sinks and tubs are only 1/2 inch - is that kind of small?- house is 4500 sq ft if it matters.:confused:
We are worried about water pressure and taking too long to fill the garden tub.:eek:

Bonus 10-14-2005 10:03 AM

1/2 " is standard in residential, and the pipe he's using is probably pex (crimped joints?) which is becoming standard.

Teetorbilt 10-14-2005 11:42 AM

I'm staying with copper pipe. I know too much about plastics and remember the PBT debacle too well to endorse PET until it has been in use for 50 yrs.

As Bonus said, 1/2" is standard and should fill the tub as fast as it's ever been filled. If you are using standard bath fixtures, all is well. If you are installing a Jacuzzi tub for 4 or a shower with 4 or more heads, you may want to rethink the plumbing to that bath.

The larger the house, the more critical plumbing becomes if you are using a standard water heater configuration.

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