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sprengle1 01-21-2006 11:41 AM

plumbing permit drawing
We need to plumb a radiator and a NG direct-vent fireplace in our addition. My husband is fully capable of completing the work. Our problem is, we don't know what is required to show specifically in our permit drawing. That is, overhead view showing fixtures and pipes running to them to include where they will be joined into the existing, for instance? Size of pipe and fittings are not a problem. It is what to have on the drawing that is.

He did the electrical drawing himself too, after some research and they were shocked that it was done by a homeowner. The ability is there, just not the knowledge.

What do we do? Do we go to the store to buy a book? Or is this simpler than that? Are there links to some online drawing samples?

At a later date (a few months) we'll be plumbing in a sink and dishwasher and garbage disposal once we decide on a final design and gut the kitchen. So we'll need to submit a separate drawing at that time.

A friend is about 2 months ahead of us in the process and I've thought of heading over to check out what he did to get us going!

Zero Punch 01-21-2006 04:36 PM

You might just ask the permit dept how much detail they require.

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