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Darjordan 06-08-2010 11:30 AM

Plumbing 101
Hello to all :) We have a home built in 1927 and are currently doing a full reno of the basement. My problem is we would like to put a back water valve to protect our home since we have had back up happen a couple of times through our washer drain. The confusion is with our washer drain which is 5 inches from the foundation wall. There is currently just a loose PVC tube about 2 feet in length just sitting loosely in the drain with the drain hose of the washer sitting in the top of that. I'm thinking this cant be right and need to know what has to be done to correct this problem.


LateralConcepts 06-08-2010 01:00 PM

It doesn't sound like your laundry drain is plumbed to code. The laundry drain needs to be 2" and trapped. I would have a licensed plumber take a look at it. Additionally, if your home was built in 1927 your main sewer line is most likely made of vitrified clay pipe. If you have had problems with sewage backup it would indicate there is a problem in the main building sewer between the house and the street. If so, that could cost thousands to repair. You may want to consider having it inspected prior to your remodeling project. Unfortunately I've seen gorgeous remodels ruined by disgusting back-ups. If you're still considering a backflow preventer, depending on your landscape and depth of the main, it would be an easier install in the 4" building sewer outside as opposed to jack-hammering or saw cutting the floor inside. Here's an example.

majakdragon 06-09-2010 08:53 AM

Sounds like your washer set-up is a simple one using a floor drain for the washer water discharge. For all intents and purposes, it is legal since the floor drain has a trap. The length of PVC pipe is probably to meet the height recommended by the washer manufacturer so the machine doesn't drain during usage. Basically, you could install some clamps to hold the PVC tighter. I would also recommend at least a one inch air gap between the PVC and the top of the floor drain.

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