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help_me:) 02-05-2007 08:14 AM

pls help! toilet emergency!
my toilets blocked, and my mum is trying everything in her might to unblock it. shes used plungers, coathangers, everything! but it isnt working?
i think it's got something to do with me maybee puttin too much tissue in there, even a possible baby wipe?

please help, she's going mad


majakdragon 02-05-2007 08:24 AM

One common mistake with plungers is trying to "push" the clog out. The plunger should be placed in the bowl and slowly pushed down and then pulled quickly back (creating suction). This pulls the clog back into the bowl. You may need to buy/rent a closet auger. This tool will go approximately 3' through the toilet trap and pipe. Good luck and let us know how it went.

help_me:) 02-05-2007 08:29 AM

update!! :P
my mum just said shes brought the wrong plunger, that its for a sink not a toilet. is there really a difference?
now shes putting hotwater down the drain; does this help?

Mike Swearingen 02-05-2007 08:47 AM

Do NOT put hot water down a toilet. It may melt the wax ring seal between the toilet base and the flange, causing it to leak...a bigger problem than a clog.
As previously advised, borrow, rent or buy a crank-handle toilet auger, feed the auger into the built-in trap of the toilet and crank away. That will usually break up a paper clog.
A toilet plunger has a rubber "bell" on it for reaching the bottom of the bowl, and it is best if you can pull the clog back out with it, as described, rather than trying to force the clog down (it may just compact it).
NEVER put anything down a toilet except toilet paper. It will most likely clog the trap, and even too much toilet paper can clog it.
Good Luck!

KUIPORNG 02-05-2007 10:31 AM

I hope you didn't have the problem I just had which is solely clog by human waste.... sounds impossible... but it is in my case...

I end up remove the toilet physically and replace one which is much better in terms of everything got out smoothly...

the quality of the toilet, in my case, make the difference here...

if this is the same in your case, you may want a permanent solution for replacing a better quality toilet....

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