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PianoMan 10-18-2005 02:56 PM

Plastic caps /wheel heads on radiator
What I'm looking for is somewhere that stocks replacement wheel heads for the radiator.

OK, so I've had these radiators so long, that the plastic caps (wheel heads I heard someone say) that allow you to turn the radiator on and off, have broken, and now it's a case of using a spanner everytime we want to turn the valve.

The Valve sits on a 1/4" bore pipe that was very fashionable around 1980.

I have no idea of the radiator manufacturer, but can probably get a digital photo of one of the remnants that perches on top of the valve. Any ideas anyone?

plumguy 10-18-2005 07:25 PM

Those round black plastic handles used to be very common in hardware stores. They would come with a metal insert that was adjustable for the different size valve stems. Have you checked HD or Lowes? If not contact local supply house and I'm sure they can be located without to much trouble.

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