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RWThrun 07-28-2009 09:34 AM

Pipe offset in shower drain
I have a plastic (PVC?) shower pan with a 3" drain opening in the center. However, the 2" copper pipe was roughed in off center about 1/4". The previous homeowner had caulking all around the gap, but it has cracked and started leaking. I have re-caulked everything (and had to replace a bunch of drywall), but it has begun to separate again. I think it's because there are slight movements when you walk into the shower.

Is there a better permanent solution to fix this without tearing everything out? I tried to adjust it with the space between the pan and pipe, it couldn't get it to budge. I was thinking of packing it with plumber's putty instead of caulking. Would this work for such a large gap? Any advice is much appreciated!

JDC 07-28-2009 09:44 PM

Okay if I'm reading this correctly, you have a 2" copper drain going to a fiberglass shower pan. What kind of drain is in the pan? From you description is almost sounds as if the pipe just goes to the hole where the shower drain should be and was just caulked in. Odd, but you wouldnt believe the things I've seen.....

Anyway, get whats called a "no caulk" shower drain from a plumbing supply house. This will attach to your shower pan. From there, use a short piece of 2" pvc OR if needed to line things up, a couple of 2" 22-1/2 bends out of the drain. Connect to the copper using a 2" plastic X copper PROFLEX coupling. Should take care of your problem.

RWThrun 07-29-2009 08:07 AM


Thanks for the reply. Yes, it looks as if the shower pan has a flange installed with a 2 1/2" or 3" opening. The flange is installed over a 2" copper pipe which is 1/4" off center. I cleaned all the caulking out and took a picture. Hopefully this helps with the diagnosis.

The biggest problem I have is working room. There is only a 1/2" space between the flange and copper pipe, and there is no access underneath. Would it be best to try to remove the existing flange? How would it be attached? I tried to grip it as best I could and twist it off, but had no luck. Still not sure what would work best without tearing everything out.

JDC 07-30-2009 01:34 AM

You are missing a neoprene gasket that goes around the pipe, inside the flange. You can probably find one at a plumbing supply house. Print that pic and take it with you to show the folks at the counter. They should be able to hook you up.

If you want to completely change out the flange, you'll need access to the underside of the shower pan....even if that means cutting a hole in the ceiling below. There should be a large nut on the underside of the flange that needs to be removed in order to get the old flange out.

Good luck!

RWThrun 07-30-2009 06:03 AM

Thanks JDC. I'll see if I can get a Mustee gasket for 2" copper pipe. I wish I could easily get to the underside, but it is right over an HVAC duct and an exterior overhang, so it is a lot more work than it should be. I'll hopefully be remodeling everything within the next couple of years so as long as it holds until then. Thanks for your help!

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