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dblade 10-27-2012 04:58 PM

Pipe hook up for new drain
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Hi again,

I'm hooking up a new drain, and after the help I had earlier was hoping for some more ;)

The sink is being installed in a room in my basement. 1.5" abs pipe will run from the sink through the walls to the existing main waste trunk and vent.

The vent currently has the slop sink in the laundry room hooked up to it, and I am hoping to do the same with the sink.

I've included pictures of the existing piping from the slop sink, the vent connection and the options for connecting it that I have come up with. I'd like some advise as to the best and/or correct (code compliant) way of making the connection.

Option "A" looks like it is the "Correct" way, but will require extending the upright from the "U" on the slop sink drain by 2" to accommodate the clean out, which will actually put it above the level of the slop sink vent.


Note: I'm in Ontario, Canada.

oh'mike 10-27-2012 05:28 PM

That is a bit confusing---what is the P=trap for? Could you take a picture from farther back?

A is bad--B looks okay or C----crosses should always be avoided unless there is no alternative.

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