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Let's see if PEX gets approved in California.


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Originally Posted by Tatertot View Post
it depends if you think spending a little extra money for having safe drinking water for your family matters or not. Pex is made with surprise petroleum base like all other banned products... Give it time.
I respect your opinion but you do not offer any suggestion or alternative or basis for your comment. Can you possibly explain your position on PEX, Do you have a credible information source I can check out, or is this just your personal opinion. Thanks !!!
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Originally Posted by maddog1 View Post
Do you have a credible information source I can check out...
The data is out there LINK

Several groups blocked adoption of PEX for concerns about chemicals getting into the water...

If you are considering whether to build your home with PEX, you might ask the PEX manufacturer for a written letter that clearly states whether chemicals will be...

The most recent study I've found on PEX chemical leaching is from 2011 by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, published in the Journal of ...

During the Engle process of producing PEX piping, chemical byproducts are often left behind in the pipe. The most ...
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I'm pulling all of the aged galvanized and copper pipes in my house and re-plumbing it with PEX and a 36-port manifold. If it's good enough for the 1mil+ homes not far away then it will be fine for my 2-story. I should be ready to start in a few week and will post a thread with progress. I'm worried it might be too easy to install.
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Leaching of chemicals from polyethylene is a potential concern. Personally I do not share it, however I do respect the fact that there are plenty of very smart people who are legitimately concerned about chemical byproducts in their water.

Unfortunately, if you are on city water, you are almost certainly going to be subjected to a range of chemical byproducts not derived from your home plumbing. These will likely include a range of chlorine derived byproducts, including chloramines, that may pose risk. Chemical byproducts may also include fluoride, and ammonia derived compounds that are created during the municipal process of treating the water.

For those of us on well water, you need to run a chemical analysis of your water to determine exactly what is in your supply, but it will almost certainly contain a variety of organic and inorganic compounds, and may include unpleasant byproducts of the modern era including pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, nitrogen derived compounds, heavy metals, petroleum derived products etc. These elements and compounds may be present in low concentrations or high, the only way to know for sure is to have a sophisticated chemical series run on your water down to the parts per billion. Few people perform such a test, hence few really know what is in their water.

As to those who have copper pipe, if your pipe is more than 20 years old, there is a good chance you have 50/50 lead/tin solder in your sweat fittings, and of course the solder has almost certainly been leaching lead and tin, plus impurities, into your water since the house was built, along with traces of copper. Not to mention chemicals that were introduced from use of acid based flux. If your house is more recent, the solder is likely 95/5 tin/antimony, so you most certainly have been leaching tin and antimony since construction. There is some question as to the toxicity of antimony and tin, I have no particular opinion on the matter, but those who claim that PEX is inherently dangerous because of leaching of chemicals should be prepared to explain why the chemicals leached out of PEX are more dangerous than those present in copper pipe, flux, and solder, plus the chemicals inherently present in the water supply. the fact that PEX is derived from petroleum based compounds offers no clue as to the potential toxicity of the leached chemicals.
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The problem in many cases is not what chemicals come into your body, but the chemicals that do not come out. I have a strong aversion to plastic pipes and plastic people. Both of which are currently unavoidable.


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