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StillRygah 10-31-2012 03:49 PM

pex tubing vs copper pipe
I recently changed out the tub faucet in my master bath, and switched it from copper pipe to pex at the same time. Since then I have such dismally low water pressure, it takes 25 minutes to fill the tub. What is the most likely source of the problem?

funfool 10-31-2012 04:44 PM

Not the pex. Would be something with the valve. Modern valves are designed to be low flow to conserve water, they usually have a limit setting so you do not scald yourself with hot water.
Simply more complicated then the older valves. I would suggest pulling out the directions and reading through it to see the options and settings you have.

joecaption 10-31-2012 04:50 PM

Trash got knocked loose and is plugging up the posts in the control valve.
Anti scald valve has trash in it.
1/2" Pex was used instead of 3/4" (I've used 1/2" many times for the supply and never had an issue, but we have no way of knowing how long your runs are)

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