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Richardm93 07-27-2008 05:24 PM

pex question
hello to all!
getting ready to replace my old PB plumbing with pex and just a couple of questions. think i will use a variation of the sub manifold way to install. my question is on a manifold with unused outlets is there a special way to cap them or do they make something just for that.

second question, after you leave the main coming in to the house would it be better to use a manifold with 3/4 in and 3/4 out to the water heater with 3/4 ports to the other sections of the house or is there a better way.

also which is better copper crimp rings or the stainless crimps.

thanks in advance!

Marlin 07-27-2008 06:53 PM

I always recommend copper unless you live in an area where the water doesn't get along with copper or you just can't afford it. My opinion isn't a popular one though.
The manifold is not necessary and I always run pex without one. I run it like you would copper teeing off at each fixture, leaving valves where you like. I'm not saying the manifold is unnecessarily a bad idea though, just letting you know you have options as I know some people think they have to use a manifold.
I'm not sure if their are special caps. If their are not you could use a short piece of pex and a pex cap if you are concerned about someone turning on an un-used valve.
I use the stainless crimp rings. I've had a couple fittings fail (of thousands I've installed) but always immediately after pressurizing, no catastrophic failures as of yet. My favorite system is the Wirsbo that you expand.

Termite 07-27-2008 08:44 PM

The manifold is a great setup, but isn't required as Marlin mentioned. It does make for a clean installation though. How to cap unused outlets depends on the manifold you use. If you make one from brass, galvanized, or sweat copper, just use screw plugs or caps. You could also use short lengths of PEX and test caps if you needed to for some reason. I used test caps at future hose bibb locations when I wasn't motivated enough to install the hose bibbs when I was re-plumbing the critical parts of my house's plumbing.

I'd run 3/4" "trunks" and branch off of them with 1/2" whenever possible. Definately a benefit to run large pipes and branch off them.

I used the standard Quest/Zurn copper rings on 3/4" and 1/2", and never had any problems. Never one leak in the entire house.

The Wirsbo system Marlin mentioned is slick, but the equipment is not for the budget-minded. It definately is the way to go if you can afford the tools. I used the basic Zurn system with 1/2" fittngs that neck the flow down to 3/8" at the fittings, but have not been able to notice any issue with reduced flow compared to my 1/2" copper that was previously installed.

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