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CharlieR 10-27-2012 01:39 PM

PEX or copper

I was wondering, I am redoing a bathroom and have to move some sink lines for a double vanity. I originally cut and capped them (copper) where they come through the floor plate 2x4 of the wall. Now, they originally ran on either side of a drain pipe that was common for both sinks. It was originally 1 1/2" drain pipe. It was a tight fit even with that when I removed it. NOw, I changed that drain to 2"... so running on either side of it still is proably not gonna happen. But how they come through the floor is staggered and there isn't much room to fix that now. So without using a few elbows, I can't easily run them on top of each other to my limited knowledge. So question is...

SHould I use some elbows or figure out a way to run them on top each other as opposed to staggered? (in the horizontal plane). Or any other suggestions?

Or should I use something like Pex so it's easily to run it through...Im just wary of using that stuff still.... over copper.

Thoughts ? Thanks in advance.


funfool 10-27-2012 02:03 PM

Pex has many advantages, flexible and easy to run, no soldering, it has flex to it and in freezes will flex more then copper before it burst.

Then I have heard it is not code for some locations, not sure if true, mice can and have eaten through it:eek:

All remodels we do, our plumber uses pex, my home is completely pex.

Is there any reason you cant go under the house and cut the copper and bring it up in better location?

CharlieR 10-27-2012 02:08 PM

Thanks for the reply funfool.

ITs a second floor bathroom... so I could open the ceiling below, but my wife would kill me lol. I can almost move it, but the gap between the wall and the first floor joist, is too small for a "non-pro" like myself to get in there and confidently soldier the joints.... I should provide a pic....

Im more worried long term about PEX, surely over worried probably lol.
I do have mice though currently as I've caught a few, and there are never just 1 or 2!

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