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dainova 04-15-2013 02:58 AM

Shower faucet cartridge Peerless (delta?) are they same?
Hi, all
I'm trying to find right part for this shower faucets, it's market like Peerless (on trim), gold color, steam is ~1' long, and round.
I tried to search peerless and delta www but could not find any info to confirm it's model. Neither to find any markings, faucet is ~ 10 years old.(like my son -))
Overall do Peerless is using Delta ball/cartriges? I see that peerless use RP** indexes for cartridges which is same like for Delta.

Appreciate if anybody can point me to the right direction.

Here are some photos.

I checked for parts, but couldnt find any picx with balls,
and judging by what i see it's a ball. (like delta). totally lost.
here is some sample for faucet that match mine appearance:

Thanks to all

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