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rank 07-10-2010 07:46 PM

overflow from drain pipe - please help!
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My mother has been noticing a constant leak coming out of her lawn and flowing onto her driveway and into the street to the sewer. She called out people from the sewer department and they said it was her drain pipe and recommended installing a tee, putting a curb bubbler on, and running pipe lower off a 45 degree connector. They showed me a sewer line about 5 feet deep that they said I could drill holes with a mason drill and connect my new pipe to it. I also heard something about not having to go that far but doing all the same stuff but only going like 3 feet deep and then filling the hole with gravel, sand and rocks.

How difficult will this work be? Can I buy a tee, install a 45, run pipe lower and just fill the hole with gravel, sand and rock? I wouldn't know how to connect it to the sewer line which would be pretty deep. What tools would I need to dig a deeper hole as I started digging and it got too hard to dig anymore? Can I buy a cover to stop the pipe from leaking while I work?

Or... should i just have my mom pay the 1000 a plumber we had out estimated?

Thanks if anyone can help.

oh'mike 07-10-2010 07:58 PM

That looks like a job for a pro---The quote of $1000 sound fair enough.
Good luck with that--mike--

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