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IRuehl 09-20-2011 09:24 PM

In over my head think. Pics....
Ok, we had a one piece fiberglass tub and surround from 1972 that was falling apart. We removed it, with hopes to replace it with a tub, and tile walls. we got a 60in tub (as the old one was a 60in tub) And now were having problems.

First, we noticed the god awful plumbing job the old owners did when they turned it from a 3 piece into a 1. We will be fixing that, so don't focus on it in the photos.

Second, when we went to dry fit the tub, it wont line up with the drain that is embedded into the slab, unless it is at a slight angle, against the long wall, with the difference of one inch for the length of the tub. (Can we shim for that big of a difference?)

Third, if this makes no sense, I am not a plumber. I am a house wife. :laughing:

Notice how the drain is embedded into the concrete slab, I have not the tool, time or money to move it.

Only way the drain lines up is at an angle, can slightly see with the small wall next to tub.

Notice the difference with the old flooring? That is a little better at showing you the angle I would have to sit the tub at to make it 'fit' the flange would still be smack against the studs on the back wall.

And that is a view looking down at how little room there is between the stud and the flange

TheEplumber 09-20-2011 10:04 PM

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To do this properly, you will need to beg, borrow or rent a small jack hammer(roto hammer). Break out the concrete around the waste and overflow assembly. Disassemble it. Then you can set the tub properly and rebuild the drain-- and the shower valve water piping.
Use the search feature here to find threads that deal with similar tasks as yours- there are several of them posted.

NancyNGA 09-20-2011 10:24 PM

You might also try a regular old electric drill with concrete bit. Drill several holes close together in a ring around the part of the concrete you want removed. Be careful to not drill through the floor.:wink: Then see if you can chip the concrete out with a regular hammer and chisel. Be patient. Might take less time than arranging to go get a jackhammer in the long run.

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