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turbomangt 06-03-2011 06:28 AM

Outside water hose valve
Can anyone tell me whats up with the NEW type of water spickets? I just had 2 installed and they have some sort of back pressure release thing going on so that whenever you turn on the valve , a bunch of water comes out of it, once the pressue builds up, its fine. what was wrong with the standard valves?

plumber666 06-03-2011 07:17 AM

They're hose bibbs with integeral vacuum breakers, and in a lot of places are required by code. A type of backflow preventer. A big concern for water main contamination (for example) would be filling up a swimming pool full or filling a tank of some sorts with a hose, then having a watermain break, then having the tank or swimming pool water siphon back into the watermain.
That's the kind of things hose bibb vacuum breakers protect against, but they suck untill you get used to them. You always have to get the pressure out of the hose before you turn the tap off, or they spray like crazy.
Hand sprayers are the worst, you have to hold the handle on them down at the same time as you turn off the hose bibb.
If it sprays evey time you turn the water on, I suspect you have a real cheap one, they shouldn't be doing that.

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