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Organic trap

I know this is a tough question. I am setting up a hydrogen peroxide injection system for my private well system along with a carbon whole house filter. The water treatment guy that wanted a bunch of money to do this said he recomended an "organic trap" which is basically a water softener with the proper media inside (resin) that gets recharged or backwashed with a brine (salt) solution. He did not tell me what media he would use ,said it was propriatary but he called it an organic trap. I know there is sulpher in the water which is what the peroxide is good at fixing and I know there is some iron but not much and I think that at times during the year there might be tannins present in the water. I have not had much luck at getting a affordable water test to figure this all out and I am wondering about the organic trap media? anyone know anything about this from what I have posted?


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I am no well expert, but your organic trap is an ion exchange resin. The ion exchange resin is a bunch of tiny carbon-based balls loaded with salt. As the hard water passes through the ion exchange resin, the calcium ions in your hard water will exchange places with the sodium ions. So the balls now have calcium, and the water coming out of the ion exchange resin has a small amount of sodium and no calcium. No calcium means soft water. Your water has been softened. After long use, the balls have lost too much sodium and have too much calcium. So the balls are changed out or in your case the guy blasts a ton of sodium back into the device to load it back up again.

Note, organic in this case is not the same as organic as in organic lettuce. Organic means carbon-based as in organic chemistry. Everything from DNA to gasoline. You are not going green by buying it. You are just softening your water. You might also remove a tiny amount of arsenic or lead, I dunno. But ion exchange will not remove PCB, pesticides, anything not on the periodic table.

I would rather hire a maid to clean the water stains. I hear cascade is good on the dishes.


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