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mcherno 06-26-2012 12:04 PM

Order of install? floor, drain pan, pipe fitting, washer
We recently had a flood issue in our laundry room. The mess and problem have been cleaned up, but the floor and drain pan need to be reinstalled. Here is a picture of what you see now. We are going to have a plumber install the new drain pan properly (because that was part of the initial problem), but I need to know what order to go in to make his job easy. Install new floor up to outer circumference of drain? Is the drain fitting going to have to be removed to install the pan? If so, does that effect the floor installation? Basically, my question is what order things have to be done in to have this work out perfectly and how close to the hole the flooring should go.

Thanks in advance!

oh'mike 06-26-2012 09:47 PM

I think you have not gotten an answer because we have no idea of the pan design--

Most washing machine pans have a rounded bottom on the outside---

some are built much like a shower receptor --with a straight outside.

The round bottomed ones are usually installed after the finished floor is complete.

The square edged ones are frequently installed first--
then the finished flooring is installed.

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