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WillK 02-19-2012 11:25 PM

OOPS! Stack disconnected when I tested my work...
Okay, well this is mostly just a story, but I do have a question about if it's possible for solid waste to not make it to the stack sometimes. First I'll fill in the background info for anyone that hasn't been following my ongoing project.

In August 2010 I bought a house built in 1917. The house has no foundation, so among my projects I'm putting in 4 beams, supporting posts and spread footings as specified by an engineer (actuall, he specified 2 with the reuse of an existing triple 2x6 beam, but I'm putting the middle 2 beams in to replace that beam and generally exceeding specs due to obstructions like the plumbing stack.) For one beam, trying to get it as close to the edge of the house means it goes right through where the original plumbing stack is located...

We have a full bathroom on the first floor, that is connected to a 4" iron wye right at the ground, and there is a water closet (1 toilet only) on the second floor that makes the stack a wet vent. I had previously made a jog in the stack to go around where the beam would be built by using all 45 degree elbows. As I started constructing this beam, it turned out that I did not have enough clearance.

So I cut away the stack earlier this afternoon. With the stack open, I shut off the water to the toilet upstairs (I turned off the water and flushed it before I openned the stack to ensure it couldn't be flushed) After the toilet was shut off, around 3 PM, my 6 year old boy pooped upstairs. So I left it there.

Around 10 PM I had finished putting together the replacement section routed around the completed beam. At the top and bottom, there are rubber couplings to connect the new pvc to the original iron above and below it.

Mind you... My wife has other things she's doing, exercise, groceries and such so while she's not here I'm in and out of the crawlspace because a 5 year old girl and 6 year old boy can't seem to keep themselves entertained/out-of-trouble.. So building a triple 2x10 beam in a crawlspace is a big enough project, it was finished around 9 PM when I started building the replacement section of plumbing stack. Long day, kinda tired...

Anyway, as part of my construction of the new stack, I built the straight section and glued on the first elbow for what would be at the top of the new section, shoved it up into the rubber coupling and clamped, then continued from the bottom up. After I glued the last piece and everything looked good from where I sat in the crawlspace I went upstairs to flush the toilet so it wasn't wafting around while we were trying to sleep upstairs.

As it turns out, I had pushed the first pipe I put together out of the rubber coupling, which I would've seen had I looked in the access hole in the wall in the bathroom. Everything that came down the stack completely missed the new PVC section.

I didn't find any visible sign of a turd though.. Which brings me back to my question. From the toilet to the stack there's about 4' of horizontal pipe, is it possible the turd didn't make it to the stack? Or could it have disolved enough that I might not be able to distinguish it from the dirt it landed on?


oh'mike 02-20-2012 06:04 AM

It's a mystery that we will never understand-----

Fix the plumbing--take a shower and never bring it up with strangers again---:whistling2:

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