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pvstansel 09-23-2011 11:52 AM

Only warm water in shower - Pfister
I have a shower which will only output cold and warm water. It will not output hot water.
Single Handle.
Valve is a Pfister 0X8-010A style.
Copper piping.

I have two other showers in my home with the exact same setup/valves. These showers work fine as do the other tubs and sinks. The sinks and tub in the bathroom with the problematic shower are working fine (good hot water). Note that my in my home, the showers and tubs are separate.

Here is what I've done so far (with no success).

1. Disassembled the valved. Inspected for buildup, and debris. Everything looks clean and new.

2. Completely swapped the water mixer/valve (cartridge) and handle with another shower which is working properly.

3. Swapped the rubber gromets with another working shower valve.

4. Removed/inspected shower head (still get warm water only with spray head removed).

5. Removed the temperature control ring. (Best I can tell, by removing it, you get full control of the valve)

The design of the hot/cold water mixer is pretty simple. A plate with two tear-drop cutouts which backs up to the rubber gromets inside the hot and cold water lines.. I'm certain that I'm getting full valve control (full cold.... and full hot water at each ends of the valve/handle).

At this point, I feel I've eliminated the valve and mixing unit.

I've read in forums that say I should flush the line (rational is that debris is in the hot water line, behind the valve). But if there is a blockage of some sort, I'd expect to see lower hot water pressure... and would still get hot water when the valve is on full hot....tho maybe the mixer is doing something I don't understand.

Question1 : Any hints on how to flush the system w/o creating a dramatic mess? I'm thinking I'll find a buddy, turn off the water, remove the mixer and gromets, hold a bucket in front of the exposed lines, turn on the water for a minute or so, waterworks galore, turn off water, look for debris on the shower floor, and reassemble. Make sense?

Question2 :Any other tips or advise appreciated. I'm running out of things to try.

Thanks in advance.

pvstansel 09-25-2011 12:42 PM

Well I did not get any responses, so I posted on another forum and got the answer....The answer ends up being:

That piece with the "two rubber grommets" is the balancing spool and it is stuck. Pull it out and tap it on the floor a couple of times then shake it to see if you feel the inside piece moving back and forth. Otherwise call 1-800-PFAUCET and have them send you a replacement.

The balancing spool pulls out easy with a pair of needle nose. While I did hear the piece moving back and forth, the unit still ended up being faulty. And I ended up swapping the balancing unit with on of my other (less used) pfister showers.

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