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SWFBeth 07-26-2012 01:36 PM

Only Hot or Cold, Not Both in Bathtub
I have a tankless water heater. The water in my shower/tub, when turned on, only delievers cold water. To get hot water, I need to turn on the bathroom faucet hot water, then turn on the bathtub water. Hot water will now come from the bathtub, but only hot water--not mix of hot/cold. I do not have to keep the sink faucet running once I have initiated this hot process in the tub. I can not get both hot and cold in the bathtub. Also, the bath faucet did work at one time.

Called the plumber who called the tankless company. There was no hot water reading at the the themostate for the tankless when the tub water was turned on. The company said the problem was at the faucet. The plumber ordered a replacement kit for the American Standard faucet.

Still not working the way it should. Note, that all other faucets work fine in the house. The plumber said there appears to be enough water pressure to get the tankless fired up; but I still have same problem.

Any advise or insight? Thanks!

Stumped here, and not getting too far with my plumber. Two visits already and still not fixed.

jeffnc 07-26-2012 04:19 PM

No way to tell from here, but based on what you said it sure sounds like your mixing valve in your tub faucet is screwed up, or the supply lines to your tub faucet is screwed up. It sounds like something a qualified plumber or even competent handyman should be able to figure out, assuming he can get access to it. Do they have access to it? Are they being lazy and not looking deeply enough into the problem?

SWFBeth 07-26-2012 06:09 PM

Well, the wall there is tiled, but the plumber removed the hot/cold handle and replaced some things in there, but it did not do the trick.

I had a very slow leaky toilet tank (Champion Am. Standard), which is now totally dysfunctional because he removed some twine wrapped around the the housing and apparently that was actually there for a reason.

This is getting pretty frustrating, since I didn't expect these few simple repairs would result in zero repair. I feel like women do when they take their car to the auto shop.

jeffnc 07-26-2012 07:52 PM

I understand. You have to find someone you can trust. There is not supposed to be twine on a toilet, and there is not supposed to be a reason twine might help a toilet. Taking off the tile will be a pain, but might be necessary, unless there is access through the other side of the wall, through drywall. Drywall is relatively easy to repair, but it's not a quick fix.

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