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swedishpimple 07-30-2008 02:08 PM

Old tub... newbie poster

I am looking for advice on leveling an old tub.

***Long Post Sorry in Advance.

I am working on a bathroom remodel / restoration project in my house and I was hoping to get some advice about my bath tub.

The house dates from the late 20's. The cast iron tub and tile job I am attempting to save appears to be original. The previous owner (sometime in the 60's) decided to glue pink tile to ALL of the existing bathroom walls and install sliding glass doors (complete with etched swans) on the bath tub rail. Thankfully he only carpeted over the basket weave floors... which really look quite nice.

Anyway when I started taking down the pink tile and found the original subway tile, complete with decorative border, I was really excited. 40 hours of gentle scraping and cleaning later and it doesn't look half bad. Then I got to the tub... and my problem.

The tub appears to have settled over time. It drops nearly 3/8 of an inch from the long back wall edge to the long front edge of the tub. The pink tile was clearly put up to compensate for this lack of "levelness" as it was cut to compensate for this back to front taper... and it turns out the glass door was an effective way to keep the water from running of of the tub during showers.

So now any water that falls on the perimeter of the tub... runs off the edges... EEEKS!

Anyone have any advice on how to re-level this old tub w/out damaging the original tile job or floors? Other Options?


Marlin 07-30-2008 03:42 PM

That's a tough one. The tub basically just sits on the sub floor and it's weight and the tile keeps it from moving. You need a way to lift it up, and a way to get shims under the legs conveniently located under the tub. The only thing that's coming to mind is to open the ceiling under the tub. Then cut out a section of subfloor, lift the tub, and put shims under it. That isn't something I would recommend trying without some experiance with construction and plumbing as a 300lb tub crashing on your head is never fun.

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