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Yikes 08-29-2010 03:11 PM

Old faucet / Leak around handle

I have an old faucet that leaks from the top of the left / hot-water handle. I'm pretty much a novice with these things, but I'm trying to remove the handle to see if there's a washer or o-ring that needs replacing.

The problem is: I can't remove the handle. I've loosened it by unscrewing it, counter-clockwise, with vise grips: It loosened, but just spins after a point; it doesn't come off. There don't seem to be any external screws, either ...

Here's a picture:


Am I approaching this the right way?

If so, what am I missing?

Thanks so much,


Ron6519 08-29-2010 05:38 PM

There is usually a set hex screw you need to remove to get the handle off. Then the bell shaped dome under it unscrews. You should see a nut, that will, when loosened, allow you to lift off the faucet stem. You will probably have a cartridge there to replace. An exact model # will be required to get the correct cartridge as they will look very similiar by picture.

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