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NothingsLevel 08-26-2006 09:52 PM

Occasional cold showers
Seems like anytime we're away for more than 2-3 days and thus no hot water is used in the house, the first time we use hot water for anything significant, we're hard-pressed to get a good hot water supply.

Example: we returned home from a week-long vacation last night. This morning, I had to turn the shower to full hot to get it to a temperature that I found comfortable. My wife, 30 minutes later, was able to use the "normal" setting.

The water heater is gas-fired and about 3 years old (based on the label on it). I haven't drained it yet myself, and have no idea if the previous owner ever did it (my money's on not). Could this just be sediment collected in the tank causing it?

Ron The Plumber 08-26-2006 10:07 PM

Tough question, hot water when it exit the tank it exit at top of heater so the time you say it takes for you to get hot water at the normal use from the time line you use it to when your wife uses it it puzzling to me, it don't make since, only thing that could make since is a possible shower vavle cartridge might be in need of replacing, is this vavle a single handle control? and what is the brand on this vavle?

NothingsLevel 08-26-2006 10:19 PM

The weird thing is, the first shower will have to run full hot for the whole duration (no variation), then the next shower is perfectly normal, beginning to end (again, no variation). And it'll be fine for weeks, even a month or two, before this happens again.

It's a single-handle control, actually a knob which pulls out to control flow and turns to control temperature. There's no brand name on the handle, it's a clear plastic cylinder with a single screw in the center.

Oh, and it's plumbed backwards. Have to turn the knob to the right (where it's marked "C") to get hot water.

Ron The Plumber 08-26-2006 10:25 PM

You have a Moen valve, get a cartridge 1225B replacement, call 1 800 Buy Moen, they will send you a cartridge free of charge, once you replace it and you still find hot and cold reversed, with handle off just turn the very center 180 degrees, heck you can do it with the one you have now and you won't even have to turn the water off to houes, just remove the handle trun center install handle, cold and hot will now be on correct sides.

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