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Object in Garbage Disposal

Help!! Was rinsing some food off and I heard something bounce off the sink and go down the drain. When I tried to activate the garbage disposal after rinsing the food, the disposal made loud crunching if something metallic or plastic is in it. After trying to activate the disposal again once or twice and getting the same result, I immediately shut it off...I'm afraid to operate it again.

I have a feeling that what may have fallen in the disposal was something that came from the inside of the aerator or washer or something like that as I was replacing the "water spray attachment" yesterday(not sure what its called--it sprays the water to facilitate rinsing).

What's my next move? Call a plumber and replace the disposal? Run the disposal and hope it clears? Try to take it apart myself?(I'm not the handiest person on earth)

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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Object in Garbage Disposal

The first thing I would do is shut the power off for the GD and look down inside with a flash light and see what is in there. I would then try to remove it.
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Object in Garbage Disposal

Do not run the disposer hoping that it will clear.
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Object in Garbage Disposal

Success!! I took a spoon and manuvered it down the drain and was able to position an object towards the center of the GD. Then I got some ice tongs and grabbed the object. It was a piece of steak bone about the size and shape of a small rock!! No wonder the GD was raising so much !*%#$.

I went to my local hardware store and picked up one of those screens that fit over a kitchen drain...a small insurance policy for a couple of bucks. I don't want to go through this again...

Allan, HF, thanks for the input...

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