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KUIPORNG 06-22-2006 03:42 PM

Is it normal to see green stuff on the supply pipes
Hi Everyone,

Our home is about 2 years old, in some water supply pipes, I saw some green stuff, it does not leak, but seeing green stuff on top of the pipes worries me a bit. I think it may be oxidation, chorline...etc. I have no idea as I am not a professional plumber... anyhow, it is not everywhere, but some area of some pipes has it....

Want to see if anyone know what phenomenon is this...

Thanks for the info.

Ron The Plumber 06-23-2006 07:46 AM

The plumber never wiped the flux off his joints after he installed and soldered the copper together, this leavbing residue left on them, poor craftmanship. it won't hurt the pipes.

PSZach 06-30-2006 11:21 AM


We can assume that you have a copper water distribution system. The green residue was left behind by the installer. It is more that likely “Flux”. A necessary chemical for the soldering/joining process. It was a chloride base solution or paste. With protective gloves and hot soapy water it can be removed. In the dry solid state in should not harm your copper pipes and fittings.

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