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zoodemon 09-26-2006 04:18 PM

noisy shower drain pump
Hi i've moved into a property that has a disabled walk in shower. when turned on, the pump that sucks the water from the drain hole is extremely noisy, even more so outside the property. I've had a friend look at it but he said there's nothing he can do, it's just the nature of the type of pump. It's not faulty. I believe it has a pump because the low level of the drain off is below the drain outside.
I understand that it is called a lift pump, and wondered if there was a way to stop the sucking noise, or perhaps were any other types of pump that would do it quietly.
appreciate any help, thanks

mdshunk 09-26-2006 05:43 PM

Different people have different ideas of what "noisy" is. If it sounds like a blender or coffee grinder, then it probably needs rebuilt. If it's just loud, it might just be the brand. I know that some pumps (Zoeller, maybe?) are barely audible. These are expensive pumps, so play your cards well with regard to tolerating it/repairing existing/replacing.

Double A 09-27-2006 01:02 AM

I've seen lots of home-made pumps used as lift pumps.

If it looks like this Then its a proper lift pump. If it looks drastically different, then it might be a sump pump, which is for ground water removal, and usually has the pump up high. They are noisy.

This is a pedestal sump pump, ewwww. Not the right choice for this job.

This is a proper sump and pump setup for waste water removal. Note that the top is sealed.

zoodemon 10-02-2006 02:27 PM

top man
i spoke to the pump guru rfom the company who installed the shower and he said that they are always noisy because it is a sump pump, operating outside it's normal enclosed position. He said the best thing to do is ask an electrician if they can get their hands on a transformer that reduces it's current power input. It's running at 240v to 24vdc at the moment, so try and get another tranny that will go down to 21 or 18v, with a minimum of 15v. better still get a variable tranny and play with it.

Any ideas where i could get one?

Double A 10-02-2006 11:34 PM

I have no idea. I'm sorry, I can't offer more help.

Do you have any pictures of this shower and pump?

zoodemon 10-04-2006 12:22 PM

mira advance
is the name of the shower, it pumps out 6.5 to 7 litres per min.
i only know it's a sump pump and made by the company whale.

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