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'Andyman 09-05-2005 09:27 PM

This is no works!!
A little tip from a DIY plumber. On a few occasions, I would tap into an existing water line after shutting the water off at the main. To put a "tee" in for an example. I would shut off the water at the main, open the highest tap and the lowest to drain the system and then cut the pipe. As soon as I put the heat to the pipe to solder in the "tee" the moisture that was left in the pipe would come down and ruin the joint. To unsolder this joint was a pain in the a**. The trick is, after you cut the pipe, stuff a slice of bread up each end of the pipe and it absorbs any moisture flowing towards the joint. When you are done, turn on the water and the bread breaks down and disipates through your pipes. I would be interested to hear from professional plumbers on this trick as it was passed on to me by one. It realy works!

Bonus 09-05-2005 10:59 PM

I'm not a plumber, but I've used that trick in my renovating career, and it does work. However... make sure you're not using some whole grain 'healthy' bread, the seeds in it will get into valves, aerators etc. and cause no end of trouble. Only white bread.

K2eoj 09-05-2005 11:56 PM

Yep, I've heard of that but never had to use it. i think the sell something non-eatable at the plumbing supply that does the same thing. I've always had luck watching where i cut and then draining and then pulling down on the pipes relieving about 30 seconds of excess water, enought time to sweat the joint. Like you said leave something open to relieve any steam pressure. HS

Mike Swearingen 09-06-2005 08:46 PM

I've used the old bread trick any number of times over the years as a long-time DIYer. Usually, you only need to do one pipe. And as indicated, use white bread only (no crust and you don't need a whole piece...just a little ball or enough to temporarily stop the water dribble). It will dissolve and flush out just as soon as you turn on the water pressure.

KenTheHandyMan 09-06-2005 10:12 PM

I'll throw in mine too...yep, white bread works!

Another trick for vertical lines is to use a straw. After you cut into the line, the water drops out of the top half, but stands in the bottom half. If you can't relieve it for whatever reason, or just don't want to run downstairs :D just put a straw in it and put your thumb over the end to 'pick the water up'. Release your thumb over an area where you don't mind a puddle! A plumber I used to work with carried a long thin piece of copper just for this purpose. Continue until you can't reach any more water. One thing though about water, it does not take much to make it impossible to solder.

plumguy 09-07-2005 03:00 PM

I have never had to sacrifice my lunch to get a job done!! But, then again I'm not a DIY'er!! I have heard it works and will take everyone's word.

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