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Turtle learner 10-16-2010 09:09 AM

no hot water pressure in sink, but plenty in tub
I have had plumbers out twice and they could not figure this problem out. On Third floor of townhouse with back to back bathrooms, we have sink/vanity hot water line that is back to back to a tub hot water line and neither has enough pressure to produce more than a drip when we disconnect the line from the valve and turn the hot water on full blast. So the problem emerges before the water reaches the valve. We have adequate hot water pressure everywhere else in the house including the tub which is only 5 feet from the problem vanity in the same bath. In the back-to-back 2nd bath the vanity and tub are located on opposite sides of the room, so in the 2nd bath we have adequate hot water pressure to the vanity but not the tub so the problem exibits itself in the same area inside the wall. We checked water pressure coming into the townhouse by placing a pressure gage on the garden hose faucet at our house and the next door neighbor's and found it was 40 at both houses. Our hot water heater in the basement is 15 years old. One thing we are not sure of is if the problem area is at the end of the line, or if it is the next-to-last fixture on the line.

Question: Are there any additional tests we should run before we start cutting into the wall and cutting the hot water pipe in the common area before the hot water gets the "T" that distributes water to the problem :(lines I outlined?

question: If it turns out, my problem area is the last set of fixtures of the line, Is it possible the old hot water heater is not supplying enough pressure to get water to the end of the line? Would it be prudent to check water pressure coming out of the hot water heater in the basement. If so, how would I do that?

Turtle learner 10-16-2010 09:43 AM

no hot water pressure happened after plumber replaced valve
The lack of water pressure in hot line coming to the tub valve happened immediately after the plumber replaced the entire value.

Question: Could it be that pieces of sediment were dislodged and released into the pipes when the plumber turned the water back on after replacing the valve?:(

Turtle learner 10-16-2010 11:20 AM

no hot water pressure in sink, but plenty in tub
I forgot to mention that, as far as I know all piping (CPVC) is original from when the house was build in 1995. :(

kenmac 10-16-2010 12:52 PM

sounds like it's something in the valve. Call the plumber back . he should warranty his work

Ishmael 10-16-2010 01:38 PM

kenmac's right.

I picked up a new customer once who complained that one of their faucets (2nd floor) produced nothing more than a trickle on the cold water side. It had been a problem "as long as they could remember". Their previous plumber had been unable to fix it. I pulled the faucet apart and inspected the stem to see if there was anything caught in it - nothing. With the stem still out, I turned on the cold water supply and it only came trickling out of the hole. I shut off the water main and drained the water down by opening a faucet on the first floor. I cut the cold water supply just below the shut off valve and found a 2" long piece of a broken pencil stuck inside the pipe!

I doubt you've got a pencil in your pipe, but there's definitely something in there (scale, sediment, solder etc etc). Your plumber should come back and flush it out properly.

Turtle learner 10-20-2010 07:45 PM

Problem solved
We found a marble in the system, just small enough to pass through the 3/4" pipe and just large enough to obstruct the passage into the parallel 1/2" pipe, but not the verticle going to the sink that worked fine. Turns out, the marble came from the hot water heater. It is used in heaters that circulate the hot water. It got to the 3rd floor because of water pressure. Thanks for all your help!!

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