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tracker883 12-28-2008 09:00 PM

No hot water pressure at kitchen faucet
We replaced our original (to the house when we bought it back in '04)kitchen faucet about six months back. The initial faucet was a single spout and handle all-in-one, so pull up and left for all hot and up and right for all cold. Really nothing fancy.

While we sill had the original faucet we got a new dish washer which required some pipe, valve, and connector work from a plumber. Now there is no way to tell if there was a change to hot water pressure at that time because it always seemed ok.

As soon as we put in the new faucet, installed by me, there has been a dramatic drop in water pressure to the hot water. It literally trickles out. When the new one went in six months back the supply lines to the faucet connectors were replaced so that there were no kinks or tension visible. We just replaced that faucet because it was breaking on us. The new one installed today has the same hot water pressure to speak of. BTW - the cold water blasts out so no issue there and the hot water pressure throughout the house is good.

The one thing I have not tried that I read on another thread was taking off the supply line to the faucet from the valve and opening it quickly a few times into a towel to get rid of any possible obstructions. In lieu of that fixing the problem, are there any other suggestions out there?

Some more details - the pipes are copper and the valves are sweated on. There is a "T" in the pipe as it comes out of the wall under the sink to allow for a feed into the dishwasher. There appears to be a lot or solder around the "T" which butts right against the sweated on valve. Not sure if the plumber doing the work inadvertently got some junk in the piping.

Please help!


Frederick j Ward 12-28-2008 09:35 PM

re:plumbing,sounds like to me dirt or silt has got into your shutoff valve,supply line,or faucet hot water side
I have replaced said items before many times, just to find out they were full of dirt, try cleaning or flushing
the parts out first.

Wethead 12-30-2008 05:10 AM

Post some pictures please of the plumbing

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