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lol 09-07-2010 01:02 AM

No hot water in kitchen and dishwasher is not filling water
About 3 years ago the townhouse maintainence guy fixed a leaky faucet outside the kitchen wall and changed the kitchen faucet too (for some reason?), and there's no hot water from the kitchen faucet afterwards. Haven't checked if the other faucets have hot water, and haven't checked the leaky outdoor faucet for leaks or water flow. A new kitchen faucet has been installed recently, I think, but still no hot water.

A new dishwasher is put in recently and there's no waterfill. There's still no hot water from the kitchen faucet, and the dishwasher manual says to make sure water from the faucet is hot before starting it.

Getting the townhouse management guy or the maintainence guy to fix a 3 year old job is impossible, and getting them to do anything is IMPOSSIBLE (residence have suffered from fouled mouth rudeness repeatedly :furious::furious: and rumor says the townhouse association members really love the guy and his repairs o'gratis that went their ways :mad::no:).

Anyone knows why there is no hot water from the kitchen faucet? No waterfill in the dishwasher? Could something be blocking water flow into the hot water pipe? How is hot water connected to the faucet? Step by step instruction and where to look for what please. Thanks.

COLDIRON 09-07-2010 06:32 AM

Lets make sure we all know what the question is, do you mean you have been without hot water for 3 years in the kitchen??

the_man 09-07-2010 08:40 AM

is the angle stop on? :laughing:

AllanJ 09-07-2010 11:47 AM

>>> make sure water is hot before starting it
The reason for running the water from the faucet manually first is so the dishwasher doesn't have to wait until the water gets hot and in so doing accept a slug of cold water for the first part of the wash cycle. Although the dishwasher has a heating element, that does not warm up the water fast enough to do the washing with.

Put it simply, hot water is not getting to your kitchen, since both the dishwasher and sink faucet are served by the same pipe. A dishwasher is fed only by the hot pipe so in your case it gets nothing.

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