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upsadaisy 02-14-2007 01:06 AM

No hot water HELP!!
I removed a downstairs radiator last night inorder to move it and to cut of the valve to it as it was broken, firstly i turned of the rising main, then the supply to the header tank, next i turned on hot and cold taps to drain the hot water from hot water cylinder tank and cold water tank, then on the radiator to be removed, i attatched a hose pipe to drain the radiator. I removed the radiator and capped of the pipes to it. When that was done i turned back on the rising main and the valve to the header tank and switched on the hot water and heating pumps.
i bled the down stairs rads which bled fine, but the upstairs didn't release any air at all. the pump in my airing cupboard next to the cylinder is a Grundfoss selectric, and this started humming but getting very hot indeed and the pipes leading to and from it are cold. the gas back boiler behind my fire downstairs is lighting up fine but the rads are not getting hot at all. I know i have an airlock somewhere but don't know how to blow it out.I tried turning the big screw on the grundfoss and dirty water started dribbling out. can anyone please help, getting very cold in here!!!:(

dirkgently 02-15-2007 01:47 AM

From a distance I would guess the cold feed to the boiler is blocked.
The only remedy I can think of for someone with your lack of plumbing knowledge is:

Find the small feed an expansion cistern. Tie up the float valve and bale out as much water as you can. Mix up some fernox dx-3 (plumbers merchant) and pour into the cistern. Wait a day and hope. Untie float valve, drain and flush heating system. Fill heating system.

Alternatively call a plumber.

upsadaisy 02-15-2007 09:37 AM

I managed to remedy the problem. i turned of water to rising main, supply to boiler and expanssion tank, connected hose to vent on downstairs rad,and opened, then opened bleed vents on upper rads, then lower rads till all drained, then closed all rad vents and turned on water supply again, then working from downstair to upstairs bled rads,to replace air with water, then turned on heating and hot water pumps i also vented the circulation pump by loosening large screw in middle, BINGO i got hot rads and hot water. When i took rad of originally i didn't do it in this order, so thanks again for reply, feeling very proud of myself now:D

MgMopar 02-15-2007 12:38 PM

Sounds like you were right you had some type of air lock. Good to here you got it working hopefully your info will be able to help someone else.

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