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No Hot Water comeing out of Faucets

Hello All,

I am new to the forum as I just purchased my first home with my wife.

There are two and half bathrooms in the house and in the spare bathroom upstairs and the half bathroom downstairs, no hot water comes out of the faucet (ie, no water at all coming out of the faucet when we turn the hot water). Cold water works fine in these rooms and hot water works fine in the shower and tub. Hot water works fine in the rest of the house.

We spoke to the former owner and he said when his two children became old enough to reach the sink in these two bathrooms that he had the hot water turned off on the faucets so they would not burn themselves (this was about 11 years ago and they never turned the hot water back on to these faucets). This make sense to me as the hot water gets extremely hot very quickly as its run off the oil burner, and we probably need to install a mixing valve. That is a separate issue.

My father in law and I went through all of the basement and made sure all of the water valves were on and still no hot water flowing tothese two sinks We in installed a new Delta faucet in the half bath, and again, no hot water.

Any ideas on why no hot water would come through these faucets? Could the pipes be clogged up with calcuim or other minerals? Pipes are copper.

We are a bit stumped. The oil burner is being inspected on Tuesday and we are going to have the guy check all the valves for us. The next step would be a plumber.

Thanks, Jon


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unless a pipe was kinked it has to be something blocking it . if you can feel where the hot stops and maybe follow it to location. it might be the valve under the sink though.


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Just a thought, you said you made sure all the valves were opened, did you find the valve or valves that the previous owner had shut off? If yes, I would start with them first, they may be "froze" shut, if not, the first floor is probably easier to check if you have basement access to follow the hot supply back from where it goes up to the bath.
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there is ANOTHER valve you havent 'found' yet. Never know where this guy may have blocked off,plugged, or capped off the pipes. Make sure your turning the inside when your turning the handle.NOT stripped. Crawl space?slab? basement? it HAS to be between the tub and the sinks which doesnt give it THAT much room. IF its inside the wall,tear off the drywall and see what he hid. To be REAL sure its in there take off hot side before sink and have helper turn water on for 2 seconds to test,while your catching it. Maybe he put something in the faucet to 'BLOCK' hot side.
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if you loosen the compression on the wall shutoff under the sink and you get no water even a drip there is something down the line from the other hot water lines
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Thanks for the responses everyone. We solved the problem. There was some buildup in the pipes as they had not been used for a while. We turned on the valves under the sink with everything detached and the water came out full force with no issues. We let it run into a couple of buckets for a few minutes to clear it all out and then hooked the faucet back up and everything worked like a charm.

Thanks again


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