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No Hot Water in 1 Shower

We have 2 showers in our house but the shower in the small bathroom does not have much hot water. It starts to warm up but then it starts to get cold. This happens even if we are NOT running the dishwasher or doing any laundry. The master bath is fine.

I believe if it was a hot water boiler issue it would effect both showers or even the entire house.

Any suggestions?


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Your shower may have an anti-scald feature that is out of adjustment. They're normally adjusted by pulling the handle off the shower and fiddling with the setting of the handle stop.

Is the plumbing old? Perhaps some corrosion in the pipes?

Is it a single handle shower valve or one with a separate hot and cold. If separate, what happens when you just turn on the hot?

Do you get hot water to the vanity in the same bath?


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You should be able to tell if it is the anti-scald or not

Your right about it not being a water heater problem.

As for having separate hot and cold knobs I'd have to give you the credit of that being something you'd have figured out.

Does the shower have the same amount of water pressure as the Master shower? When you turn the single (I assume) unit from hot to cold does the water pressure change?

If you have the same water pressure and it doesn't change when you turn the knob from hot to cold it would have to be the anti-scald out of wack. If it changes then you could have a corrosion problem, but once again I would have to give you the credit of noticing that the pressure dropped fairly dramatically when you turn it to the all hot side and that by “warms up” doesn't means that the warms up is actual hot water and not just the water in the lines “warms up.”

I've only had to try and adjust one once. This one would not get enough cold water in it. Their weren't any arrows indicating which direction of turn did what. Once I got the adjustment free and was able to turn the adjustment I'm sure that I remember that counter clockwise added cold.

Depending on how long the unit has been in their can make it a (@#$&*) wont turn things. It's one of those “Go for it things”. If it won't turn you have to replace the unit and if you strip the adjustment you have to buy a new unit anyway.

Unfortunately it may turn and not adjust the temp. The shower had to be usable at one time, so it could be that the anti-scald is shot itself that once again calls for a new unit.
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somtime old house have two handle for hot and cold and i have found that sometime the washer stink to the seat when take a shower you open both handle hot and cold the washer stays seated you have just cold water coming out is offline   Reply With Quote

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